Odhal sílu svých slov!

PrezENtiáda - Let’s present in English!

Are you a student interested in presentation skills?
What about giving a presentation in English?
If you want to try to speak in public, to express your opinion in English, to show your presentation skills, to meet new people, and to win attractive prizes, you have the perfect opportunity to experience all of it in PrezENtiáda!

What is it all about?

It is a one-day contest where university and high school students compete in making presentations and presenting them in front of the judges afterward. The competition is organized by the Student Cyber Games - organizer of Prezentiáda 2019.
The contestants will receive their assignment in the morning. Next, they will attend a workshop to learn how to give the perfect presentation. During the day, they will prepare a short pitch discussing their topic, and in the afternoon they will demonstrate their opinion in front of the judges.
The competitors may also look forward to having a lunch provided by the organizer, networking and especially the judges’ feedback.

The closing date for all participants’ applications is 28.02.2019


What are the prizes?

Apart from the experience and the feedback, the best competitors will also receive attractive prizes such as a Canon printer, board games, notebooks from Albi and more.

General rules

All the applicants must be university, high school or grammar school students. The applications will be reviewed by the organizer in a selection round. Once the organizing committee picks the most interesting and appealing applications, the results will be sent to all candidates by e-mail, no later than on 2nd March 2019. The maximal number of participants is 15.

The event will be held in English only. After receiving the assignment in the morning, competitors will be asked to prepare a 2-3 minute long presentation discussing the given topic. The day will start with the workshop, which will help the contestants to prepare their presentations. In the afternoon, the competitors will have two more hours to finish their work. After that, they will give their presentations and express their opinions in front of the judges, who may ask additional questions.

The final version of the competitors’ presentations must be handed in before 14:45 as „ppt“, „pptx“, „exe“, „pdf“ or „odp“ file.

The speakers can reach a maximum of 100 points. The rating depends on the following criteria:

In case of exceeding the estimated presentation time (2-3 minutes), a competitor will lose one point for every ten seconds of extended time. A competitor speaking for longer than 2-3 minutes can be stopped by the organizer at any point.
The contestant with the highest rating will be pronounced the winner.
All participants are expected to be present at the event center during the whole event, including the workshop and presentation blocks.
All the rules will be repeated at the beginning of the competition day.